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Thanks, Fred, for signing onto the Hebron Fund petition. Despite this campaign rolling out during a global pandemic, with so much happening around them, people are investing in this Palestinian-led initiative.

What people realize is that this campaign isn't just about the Palestinians languishing under occupation in Hebron. And the campaign isn't just about the ways that the Hebron Fund exploits US charitable laws to fund extremism abroad - in direct violation of the tax code. People realize that if we are successful with this campaign, we have the opportunity to set a crucial legal precedent and tighten up the ways that hate groups are able to collect large sums of tax-deductible dollars right in the United States. Here is a small spreadsheet in which we compiled a list of over 50 hate groups in the United States that could be impacted by our work.

I am following up with you because you signed the form and added that you'd like your organization to endorse this campaign. I want to double-check to make sure it is ok to add ACorn Films to the petition site as an endorser. We have more power when we can show people there is a unified front in combating hatred and discrimination, and that there are people and organizations that won't rest until justice has been wrought. If you could fill out this form and just re-confirm some details, that would be a big step, so we are able to list your website, social media channels, and properly display your logo. If you don’t have any of these for some reason, we will just use the information you’ve provided so far. I’ll be updating all the endorsements by the end of the wee, so please respond by back by April 17th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach back out by email and if you'd like to organize a time for a call, we can take that route as well.

Lastly, don’t forget to pass around the petition through your networks: https://bit.ly/FreeHebron.

In solidarity.
Cody O'Rourke
Cody O'Rourke
Communications & Fundraising

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